The Amity Blade is a proposed seven book series about Ian Cosswell, a young boy still in search of his identity. Being thrust into a world where things are not as they seem and hopes weigh on Ian's overwhelmed shoulders, he is forced to fulfill expectations far beyond his capabilities.

Dwelling in the lands of Ellezwrainia, a fertile place full of both good and ill, has its share of hazards. Ian finds himself facing creatures and endeavors he never before believed existed. To worsen the matters any, it seems, who offers him any assistance must face turmoil of their own as if being punished. So near achieving his goal, whatever it may be, Ian faced heartbreak after setback. Every hurdle growing more bleak than the last makes Ian long increasingly for his simple carefree childhood which is quickly tumbling further and further from his grasp. The most pressing question is, can he pull his own weight and prove his worth when all seems lost? Follow Ian on his journey to manhood and see if he can pull through in the end.