Breanna LeLiever was born in Toronto and moved to Stirling at age three. She has wrote stories since she was a child. First starting with a series about her adventures with Clifford the big red dog, she wrote her first novel when in grade seven. It was an epic tale following many of the marvel heroes having to team up against a single tough villain. She then transitioned into a more Lord of the Rings style fantasy with elves, dwarves, and dragons as she wrote her second novel in high school. Though these (at the time completed projects) were later scrapped, some elements of her fantasy story penned in high school, entitled 'Fallen Into Shadow' still survive in The Amity Blade series and, in general, paved the way for The Amity Blade to take form. Having taken only a brief reprieve from writing in order to complete her College Degree (which encompassed anything from web, to game, animation, to graphic design) she started writing The Amity Blade; The Birth of a Hero in her last year of college. Drawing inspiration from her abiding love for all things nature, she spends many of her days with her beloved parrot writing the next adventure for Ian and his friends, seeking ideas from everywhere that they present themselves.